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     Chapter 4.1.1

Soil testing

      Chapter 4.1.2

Litmus paper and liming for adjusting soil pH

      Chapter 4.3

Shallow trenching to prevent erosion, conserve water**

      Chapter 4.4

Contour farming on hillsides to prevent erosion

      Chapter 4.5

Living grass barriers to prevent erosion**

      Chapter 4.7

Bijramata: An indigenous biofertilizer

      Chapter 4.8

Adding organic nutrients to home gardens

      Chapter 4.9

Improving biofertilizer application for smallholder farmers using Pivot Bio nitrogen fixing bacteria on maize (corn) crops

      Chapter 4.10

Livestock sheds and collecting urine to add to manure

      Chapter 4.11

Compost improvement

      Chapter 4.12

Microdosing of manure

      Chapter 4.13

Treating seeds with urine

      Chapter 4.15

A critical assessment of the utility of manure pellet machines for smallholder farmers experiencing low soil fertility

      Chapter 4.16.1

Synthetic fertilizers: primer and raising yields

      Chapter 4.16.2

Balanced fertilization

      Chapter 4.17

Microdosing of synthetic fertilizers

      Chapter 4.18

Split application of synthetic fertilizer**

      Chapter 4.20

Leaf colour change to diagnose fertilizer needs

      Chapter 4.23.1

Optimizing legume productivity using molybdenum fertilizer

      Chapter 4.24.1

Rhizobia bacteria inoculants for legumes

      Chapter 4.24.2

Optimizing rhizobia inoculants for legumes

      Chapter 4.27

Pigeon pea for degraded soils

      Chapter 4.28

Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis in rice paddies