Section 10

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     Chapter 10.1

Vetch fodder in the dry season

      Chapter 10.2

Selection of dry season weeds as fodder

      Chapter 10.3

Fish in rice paddies as a mid-season protein source

     Chapter 10.4

The use of iodine udder wash for smallholder farmers

      Chapter 10.5

Sheep and goat pox vaccines

      Chapter 10.6

Crisco all-vegetable shortening for hoof care

      Chapter 10.7

Livestock ear tags: critical analysis

      Chapter 10.8

Investing in aquaculture to improve food security for subsistence farmers

      Chapter 10.9

Peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) vaccines to protect livestock

      Chapter 10.10

Azolla as a Sustainable Animal Feed for Smallholder Farmers