Section 9

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     Chapter 9.1/9.2

Reducing iodine malnutrition

      Chapter 9.3

Reducing vitamin A deficiencies by eating colorful foods and leafy greens

      Chapter 9.5

Amaranth leaves as a source of protein and nutrients

      Chapter 9.6

Cucurbit seeds as a source of protein and nutrients

      Chapter 9.7

Small grains for mineral nutrition

      Chapter 9.8

Legumes and seeds as folate sources for pregnant women

      Chapter 9.9

Legumes/pulses to reduce protein and mineral deficiencies

      Chapter 9.10

Water sterilization for farmer health by placing in bottles exposed to the sun

      Chapter 9.11

Improving iron absorption by reducing caffeine, adding citrus

      Chapter 9.12

Nixtamalization to Improve Maize Nutrition

      Chapter 9.13

Back Braces for Smallholder Farmers to Combat Pain and Improve Quality of Lif

      Chapter 9.14

Adding small amounts of meat to foods to improve iron absorption