Chapter 7

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     Chapter 7.1

Crop rotation with a legume (bean) reduces pests/diseases**

      Chapter 7.2

Evaluating the use of respirators for small scale farmers to protect them from pesticide sprays

      Chapter 7.3

Backpack sprayers for smallholder farmers

      Chapter 7.4

Water floatation to remove sick seeds before sowing

      Chapter 7.5

Heat treatment of vegetable seeds

      Chapter 7.6

Bleach and saltwater treatment of seeds

      Chapter 7.7

Pesticide seed application

      Chapter 7.8

Manure tea field spraying and seed application

      Chapter 7.10

Push-pull intercropping to reduce flying insects

      Chapter 7.11

Replenishing food of wild animals to prevent crop damage

      Chapter 7.12

Aflasafe to prevent aflatoxin contamination of grain in Africa

      Chapter 7.13

Parsley as a companion crop to repel pests

      Chapter 7.14

Evaluating the use of onions as a companion crop to repel pests

      Chapter 7.15

Use of Hot Pepper to Deter Pests

      Chapter 7.16

Magnifying Glass to Remove Diseased Seeds

      Chapter 7.17

Sticky Insect Traps

      Chapter 7.18

Radish as a Companion Crop to Repel Pests

      Chapter 7.19

Marigold as a Companion Crop to Combat Pests

      Chapter 7.20

Insect nets to protect crops of smallholder farmers